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Meet the Bailey behind Bailey's Butterflies!

We had never heard of Turner Syndrome until March 17, 2009. You see, that is the day our sweet Bailey was born. She is our "1 in 2,000"!


Bailey was tiny at birth, only weighing a little over 4 pounds, hence her nickname, Peanut. She had puffy hands and feet, a broad chest and a low hairline. The hospital's pediatrician noticed her physical features and ordered a blood test called a Karyotype to confirm her diagnosis. Bailey had heart surgery to repair a coarctation of the aorta at 2 weeks of age and we also learned she was born with only one functioning kidney. We thought our lives had been turned upside down, but in fact we were blessed with a miracle because we learned that only 2% of girls born with TS actually survive. 


In 2015, she was hospitalized with a kidney infection and now has damage to 10% of her only kidney. Since birth, Bailey has been followed closely by a team of specialists at the Turner Syndrome Center at the University of Florida. 

At 2 years of age, Bailey started daily growth hormone injections because she had fallen off the growth chart severely. She will continue these injections until puberty to increase her growth as much as possible. Bailey is a normal happy active little girl and lights up a room when she walks in, continuing to be a blessing to us every day.

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